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10 profound benefits of going on a yoga retreat

10 profound benefits of going on a yoga retreat

  When I was organizing my first yoga and writing retreat in India, I kept thinking about my intention for it and returning to the experience I was hoping for, for my participants.  I had such a profound and rewarding experience on my first trip to India that I wanted to use that experience and turn it into an opportunity for others. I had never gone on a retreat myself but I knew the benefits of immersion.  I contemplated going on someone else’s retreat before undertaking the responsibility of running my own, just to see how someone had set theirs up but something deep inside stopped me from signing upContinue Reading

Time, India, and the way we move

I’m in Goa, India again.  It’s early morning (before 9am), the sun is wide awake and I’ve come back from  a long walk down the beach.  Early mornings here pull the biggest crowd of spiritual seekers, roaming dogs and running bulls (seriously).  Apart from the few exercise junkies, it mostly feels like the air is held afloat in contemplation and prayer in the mornings, mine included, as those who walk and meditate and headstand and chant and breath deep, sling our questions and attachments and bare asses (not mine ) into the quieter space that morning provides. There are times when I’m certain the message gets heard. And other timesContinue Reading

Valentines Day Writing Contest. What is Love?

LOVE. What does it mean? How has it challenged you? Do you still believe in it?     There is a little under a month until Valentines – the day on the calender notorious for lovers and offering symbols of affection which mostly includes last minute purchases of red roses bought from the side of the road, and dinner in an over booked restaurant. What fun! But, is this what Love is all about for you? Is this what you find romantic? For the past 2 years I’ve published something about LOVE on February 14. The first year I spent every day for 14 days, leading up to the FebContinue Reading

My Retreat: Why India? Why yoga and Writing?

  In January 2014 I’m heading back to India and taking a group of interesting, adventurous and curious creatives.  Otherwise known as cool people. We’ll spend a week hanging out on the beach, practicing yoga, chanting and singing away to mantras and writing our hearts out…we’ll also shop with cows, bless a few temples, negotiate some buddha statues with feisty merchants and resist the urge to live entirely on sugary, milky, Chai tea.  In layman’s terms, I’m running a retreat. Ever since I started teaching yoga, I’ve always wanted to combine my love of teaching with my love of travel and mix it up with my love of bringing peopleContinue Reading

Yoga with Writing Workshop

YOGA & WRITING WORKSHOP: DEC. 9TH, 2012: DEW YOGA (Stamford, CT) Of the two things in life that offer me a chance for self expression – in the most purest, non-egoistic sense – Yoga and Writing are it.  In those contexts I don’t feel like I lack, which isn’t to say that I have it ‘all together’ or that I don’t need to improve.  But it’s the space where I don’t shy away from learning, or where the ‘not knowing’ or ‘not being good enough’ is fuel for more learning, not retreating. The two have fed each other.  If I’m becoming a better Yoga teacher, it’s because I’m finding myContinue Reading