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Playlist ~ And this is how it goes

A few weeks ago, I said yes to teach an 8:30am yoga class every Saturday.  Clearly, I’m no longer in my 20′s.  Up until the day before I said yes I would have cringed at the thought of having to be somewhere before 9am, let alone be somewhere before 9am on a Saturday morning. I feel like I have just embarrassed my 20 year old self….”How could she?” the 20 year old party girl was saying. Actually, who am I kidding – my 35yr old self is shaking her head, putting her lip gloss away and signing up for a box of depends and botox already “might as well getContinue Reading

Back in the saddle – A playlist

While I had a lot of time in India, I didn’t seem to use in the way that I do when I am in a western country.  I didn’t spend hours pouring over articles and finding new music, which is one of my salves in a busy western life and how I use my ‘spare time’.  It wasn’t because I didn’t want to (although I didn’t always) it was mostly because the privilege wasn’t so easily accessible.  It was, I would say, the one major thing I missed. So, since returning to the States I am back at it again – ears are pricked for new tunes and old classicsContinue Reading

Newsletter #4: Presence means intimacy with What is.

“Presence means intimacy with What is” It’s officially Christmas throughout the world, so talk of presents is ripe.  I spent Christmas Eve in the company of good friends and their family.  It was truly delightful in a way that, only a few years ago, would have been met with apprehension and disdain by me.  Tonight, however, I was at a table full of cracked and flying lobster shells, warm butter sauce, good wine and squeals of anticipation for Santa’s arrival (is 36 too old to squeal?) I haven’t ever been a Christmas kind of person.  At least not when I became old enough to know better.  And, certainly not whenContinue Reading

A Playlist & A note to self: You can change the world.

I’ve been Biz-E. The run around, pack all I can in a day, last minute schedule kind of busy.  I don’t work like that normally – it doesn’t suit my constitution.  So, I’m giving that up next week. I’ve also had my friend Mary staying with me the entire week.  I should actually get more specific.  I have had ‘Mama Mary’ stay with me this week.  She’s not my biological mother but she brings that kind of love.  She’s a global mother, mother to us all and mother to you, if you were in her company.     She’s off to make the world better and more fruitful at theContinue Reading

Poem: We have come to be danced & a soundtrack for your heart.

I’ve become slightly addicted to consuming.  It’s not stuff I want, (in fact I am trying to scale down and get rid of a lot of stuff) but it’s information I’ve become addicted to consuming.  Maybe calling it ‘information’ is a bit stale – art, culture, good writing, good thought…that kind of stuff.  Intellectual property, shall we say.  I’m a glutton for it.  Which is why I have a love for the internet and why I don’t have a television. But, I am completely going off track here. Two things I want to share – a poem and music.  Simply because students in my class have been asking for these.Continue Reading

Playlist ~ I’d rather post a song a day

So, clearly I’ve dropped the August Project though I have taken pictures every day.  I just haven’t had the desire to post them.  I felt inauthentic doing it so I’ve stopped and I’m ok with that. There has been so much going on in the background to keep me pretty inspired anyway (so maybe it did work!); a new website coming soon, some new clients and, most exciting the launch of my Wholehearted project called We Are The Wholehearted.  I’d love you to take a look, I think you’ll really be inspired by the people I’ve interviewed.  They were so generous with their time and their willingness to be so completely honest aboutContinue Reading

Playlist: 6:15pm open class 7/25

This playlist I called “A drum beats”.  I don’t know why I called it that – I mean there’s a heavy bass line throughout this list but, it’s not from the sound of a lot of drums.  I often name my playlist’s based on the first sentence that pops into my head as soon as I hit ‘create a playlist’.  Hence, I have playlist names like ‘Abundant Moon’, ‘Emotional Retard’, ‘It’s a flawed argument’, ‘soul breathing’ and ‘PMS’d off’ Anyway, here is my ‘A drum beats’ playlist bought to you because Maryellen, a really devoted and committed yogi, made a point to compliment me on it.  So this, really, isContinue Reading

Show Review: Valerie June

Engaging, prolific, charismatic, compelling, captivating, beautiful, funny, unique, distinctive, charming, understated, humble, soulful…I mean Soul. Full! I’m having trouble choosing the one or two words which best describes Valerie June, and her music.  Except the word soulful – the 2nd one where I break it apart so it reads like her soul is full – but then, perhaps I am just describing how my soul felt after watching Valerie June at Rockwood Music Hall on Sunday night. All these words could do her justice and would give you an accurate representation of her, but they wouldn’t completely describe her, or her music. I was introduced to Valerie June, earlier inContinue Reading

Birthday week playlist

I am really excited about what I’ve been listening to lately, so I wanted to share (be patient with the download….it takes a while (really only a minute…funny how that seems so long these days – Great music though, so hang out) Cold Specks – Lay me Down MS MR – Hurricane Mast – UpUpUp Thieving Irons – So Long (entire album is amazing) Alabama Shakes – you ain’t alone Valerie June – I will not be blueContinue Reading


This morning a moth caught itself in my bathroom, it flapped its wings ferociously in search of sunlight. I reached out and cupped it, gently in my hands. My fingers, slightly apart to let the light in. As I walked, from my bathroom to my opened living room window, which is no doubt where it came from, I whispered gently. “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you…….” and when I got to the window I held out my opened, outstretched hand and said, “Now fly you beautiful thing” And, it did.  Continue Reading