7 fascinating facts about Colombia

On July 12th I’ll be hosting a group of fascinating, adventurous and interesting peeps for my 3rd yoga & writing retreat. We are retreating in Santa Marta, Colombia.

This is the first time I’ll be leading my retreat in Colombia and I’m anticipating and great time.

Why Colombia?

Because it’s gorgeous! I spent quite a bit of time in Colombia last year, mainly in Bogota and in San Augustin in the south and I knew, immediately, that I wanted to find a property to host an additional yoga retreat in that country.

Colombia is raw in its natural beauty, rich in diversity and culture, and still on the fringe of tourism.  This is because, as we all know, the country has a ‘history’.

Unfortunately, Colombia is still crawling back from a sordid past and crime riddled reputation. There have been significant changes in the country since then (albeit controversial) and it’s a relatively safe place to travel through. It’s slowly starting to be recognized as a ‘hot’ destination; being voted by Conde Naste Traveler, National Geographic and other publications as a top destinations for 2015.

I know that in a few years time it will be the next sought after holiday and tourist destination so I wanted to get in early. Yoga is still more obscure in Colombia than in, say, Costa Rica so it’s exciting to be at the helm of some cultural shifts.

We all know that Colombia is known for coffee and cocaine but it has so many more interesting facts to consider:

It’s not all coffee & cocaine!

1/. Colombia is the second biggest exporter of cut flowers in the world (the Netherlands is the biggest)

2/. Per square foot, Colombia is the most bio-diverse country in the world. It has more species of birds and frogs than any country in the world, as well as over 2000 plant species that have yet to be identified.

3/. Colombians get 70% of their electric power from hydro. Their country’s rivers and winds are capable of supplying their energy needs twice over.

4/. It is particularly well-endowed with orchids: it has more varieties than any other country in the world, many of which cannot be found anywhere else.

5/. Corinto, in the department of Cauca, is the only place in the world where chickens have learned how to swim, which they do in order to mate with the ducks that live on an island in the local river.

6/. Colombia has more freshwater than the United States and Canada put together.

7/. Colombia is bound by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean to the north. The Amazon runs along its southern border, and the Andes run north to south, giving the country a huge variety of climates and ecosystems.

….7 Facts that I know first hand…

1/. Amazing Tamales
2/. Fresh Arepa’s
3/. Fresh Papaya, mangos, pineapple…..the list goes on
4/. Chocolate caliente – the most delicious hot chocolate in the world.
5/. The sexiest salsa dancing.
6/. Fried plantains (always comes back to food)
7/……and some of the kindest and happiest people I’ve encountered.

I hope you’ll join us.

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