A winter soup I couldn’t resist sharing

So, perhaps by now you may have figured out that I don’t subscribe to any ‘labels’.  I go weeks (months) without eating meat, but I don’t consider myself a vegetarian.  Occasionally I buy Gluten free bread and my only banana bread recipe is gluten free, but I am not gluten intolerant, nor do I have celiacs disease.  I practice and teach yoga, but I don’t wear “it’s all One” t-shirts and drink green juice everyday.  I am socially responsible and interested, but only managed to spend a few hours at Occupy Wall Street.  I am liberal but I’m kinda pissed off at Obama right now.

Call me non-committal or just call me a curious moderate.  I take the maxim ‘everything in moderation’ and make it a mantra.

I am committed to educating myself on all the many different modalities of healing and diet philosophies out there so last Sunday I decided to delve into Macrobiotic cooking.  I was looking for a new soup recipe.  My go to staple soup is sweet potato and butternut squash.  Very simple to make; chop up the veggies, add chunks of garlic and onion and add it to chicken stock.  Add a few pinches of salt and you’re done.

However, I was looking for something a little bit more thought-out and I was pretty sure the chicken stock, while organic, probably had some sort of vibration spasm on my cosmic sphere since it came from a box and could sit in the cupboard unopened for weeks.  Always a red flag!

So, I stumbled upon this soup.  Using root vegetables of the season and no stock.  I was skeptical of the no stock part, and I was prepared to have to make my own.  But, this didn’t require it.

Try this recipe – you won’t regret it.  This is, by far, one of the tastiest soups I’ve had and my chakra vibrations feel really aligned when I polish it off.  Weird!

1 2lbs Butternut squash (cut lengthwise)
2 medium sweet potatoes (cut lengthwise
2 medium rutabaga (peeled and cut in square bits)
3 large or 2 mediumcarrots   (cut anyway you want)
1 large leek (cut )
3-4 cloves of garlic (organic is best)
1 medium shallot
6-8 cups of water
Good sea salt
Herbs (I used oregano, but the original recipe called for bay leaf and coriander…I just didn’t have it)

Preheat the oven to 35o (F), coat the squash and sweet potato with safflower, or sunflower oil, and bake it for 35min (until tender, but not squishy).  Meanwhile, put all the other cut ingredients into a saucepan, add some extra oil and saute for about 5min.  Start with 6cups of water and see how that goes with the water to vegetable ratio (you’ll be adding the squash and potato later so keep that in mind), I used about 7.5 cups of water for mine.  Add salt.

Once the squash and potato are tender, take them out of the oven and when they are cool enough to touch, cut them into cubes and peel (the skin will should come off quite easily actually).  Add this to the liquid and cook for another 20min appox.

Put all ingredients into a blender and blend away.  This should make a lovely thick, and tasty soup, without cream or butter…..or those vibration frequency solar menaces in the tetra packs called stock (which I totally dig by the way).

Don’t mind the photos below – I think the empty bowl speaks for itself.

It's much more vibrant than this photo suggests

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One Response to A winter soup I couldn’t resist sharing

  1. Lyn,
    Probably a bit hard to get in the States but a great substitute for any MSG induced chicken/beef/fish/veggie stock that wont set off spasms in your vibration frequency is Vegimite. Full of B vitamins and tasty to boot!
    Will try your recipe when winter rolls round down here.

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