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Welcome. My name is Lyn Girdler and I’ve been teaching alignment based, therapeutic Vinyasa yoga classes since 2008.  I’ve been teaching yoga and writing workshops since 2011 and I’ve been leading yoga and writing retreats since 2013.

Love Yourself Naturally uses yoga as the conduit for the creative life; I run yoga retreats in far flung places and teach yoga and writing workshops in cool locations.  My online store, Love Nomadic, is a fair trade, fun loving, story telling adventure in fashion and style that celebrates ease and flair.

Originally a space to lay my writing chops and promote my yoga classes, Love Yourself Naturally is very rapidly evolving into a trusted brand for creative yoga retreats in exotic locations.  I launched the website in 2011 as a way to give my expressive voice a place to hang out and a way to inform my community of my yoga wanderings.

Over the years I have had the great pleasure of sharing poetry that set my heart beating faster yelling Yes Yes Yes! I shared music unearthed during the wee hours of the morning, certain that those who listened would feel their lives changed by the chorus or the deep grooves these artists were pouring from their hearts.

I wrote about love when I was in the midst of deep heartbreak and despair, I wrote about my travels and thought maybe, maybe I wanted to be a travel blogger.  But, I quickly discovered that you spend a lot more time writing, and uploading articles at the lowest bandwidth and recovering work because of it, for hours, while your friends are out enjoying the sights and enjoying the places you were writing about.

All the while it came back to the foundations of yoga and what they yogis knew all along; the journey is the destination.

One of my favorite scenes in the Bhagavad Gita is when Anjuna is concerned about the results of his actions, whether he will win his battle or not.  Concerned about guarantees before taking the right action.  Krishna responds by saying “You have every right to work, but you have no right over the fruits. Let not the fruits of action be your motive. Never think of becoming inactive.”

And so, it’s with this in mind that Love Yourself Naturally has been more concerned with staying active and creative rather than having clearly defined goals.

This is how I view all living.  It should be an evolving, creative act.  We know in yoga that where we find stability is actually in the movement, it is not in stopping and, or waiting.  We know this is also true of the creative life; that you show up, no matter what and put pen to page regardless of the outcome.

Travel is where I’ve always found my center and I encourage my students to explore.  For some, that isn’t trekking through far flung corners of the world – but for others with that desire, I wanted to offer a vehicle for that kind of revelation.  While I don’t have an attachment to what a student receives from my teaching, my deepest hope is that they just feel more alive and their answer upon waking each day is a resounding Yes, Yes, Yes!

I am deeply passionate about nurturing people through a personal adventure that combines yoga and writing and exposing them to the wild beauty of the world we live in.  Through the retreat format I find my best self.  I am most interested in relationship and connection and through running retreats I can linger in conversation and learn about the beauty of other’s lives.

I also run a conscious fashion and lifestyle company and through the combination of leading retreats in the places where I source my goods from local artisans, my relationships develop.  Love Nomadic offers gorgeous fashion items that are perfect for the stylish itinerant, who is interested in living in a world where everything matters.  My community is interested in transparency and kindness, it’s what keeps them coming back.

I’d love for you to join me on a retreat, or two.  Each one is authentic to the area of the world that is hosting us, so they’re all unique.

Come, travel with me…..we’ll have a great time in this big, bad, beautiful world together.



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Your name: Lyn.  Yes, it’s also an acronym for Love Yourself Naturally – this was not a mistake (nor was Love Yourself Naturally code for masturbating – as some had originally thought! :))

Clever!  Yes, I personally give credit to Red Wine and creative friends

Where do you live? In my head mostly, and then I get out of it and realize I am in North East USA.

Where & when were you born? I was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1976 to young, itinerant parents who gifted me space to be myself, accepted my adventurous spirit and encouraged me to fly. I am a Gemini after all, wings were given at birth.

Why did you leave? Melbourne is still one of my favorite cities in the world.  I just knew it too well.  I am never completely happy unless I am stepping outside of my comfort zone a little bit.  Home is too comfortable!

What do you do here in the U.S.? Daydream mostly and then, because I’ve lost track of time, I rush around to teach yoga.  I write – a LOT – journals, morning pages, on my hand, on the back of receipts, on napkins…even on my bed sheets (I thought I would be clever once and wrote poetry on my bed sheets.  It was great until I woke and Rilke was printed on my ass.)  But, I know I should answer this more seriously. I teach yoga classes and also private instruction; focusing on therapeutics and proper alignment.  I host yoga and writing retreats globally and own a fair trade accessories company.

Oh God! Another yoga teacher?!  Just what the world needs, another over-excited, post tragedy, “The world is magic, sparkles and flower” chick telling me to soften like mashed potato!:  Yes, I love stereotypes too!  No, I’m not a metaphor speaking, ‘we’re all one, breath like a rose blossoming” kind of teacher.  I’m not very ‘yogic’ in that sense.  I’m actually very direct.  It’s what my teachers taught me.  Say what you mean, say it clearly and give direct instruction.  I won’t ask you to open your chest like the sun shining, I’ll just tell you to take your shoulder blade back and smile.

What did you do in your past life for work? Yikes, I’ve had many lives before this one was born.  I’m a serial entrepreneur by nature so I’m always starting projects and moving in and out of experiences.  My last grown up, proper job was setting up and running the US operation of a global home furnishing fabrics company called Malabar (beautiful, handmade fabrics….I still have a great love for this company).  I have sold sunglasses at the Sunglass Hut, worked in the kitchen of a B& B in Spain.  I was a chauffeur in London and I’ve also been a Nanny, a bartender, a waitress and a host.  I’ve packed boxes in a chicken factory in the dead of winter in the south of England, dressed as a clown for kids parties at a fast food joint, entered data in a document security warehouse,  worked the phones as a telemarketer and even considered a stint as a phone sex worker but realized I would probably laugh too much!  All these experiences have given me some amazing skills!

Wow, are you commitment phobic? Ha! No, I live my life making choices that are often fueled by curiosity rather than a set of governed rules.  I choose awareness and responsibility and I want the people around me to do the same.  I finish projects and actually love being committed to something, I find a lot of freedom in commitment but commitment doesn’t mean forever, it just means you put your whole self in!  And if you don’t feel complete doing it, get out (gracefully – never burn a bridge!)

What motivates you? Education and freedom

How so?  Well, I am clear that I am going to die at some point so I am not fighting that, but I believe that I can shape the quality of my life through what I consume (intellectually, soulfully & physically – also the company I keep.)  All this educates and shapes my perception of the world, and my life, and this is where I find freedom; through my own perspective.  I want my perspective to be fueled by kindness and love.  Also, people being matter of fact and honest motivates me to step up in my own life.

What do you do for fun? Break my own rules mostly.  I am not holier than thou; let’s just get that out of the way!

So you’re not a clean living yogi? I’m a modern day, honest living yogi.  I have always been interested in alternative healing and metaphysical conversations however, I don’t listen to the sound of dolphin calls and waves crashing on the shore while burning incense, they both make me nauseous.  I eat meat and I go for long periods without eating meat, but wouldn’t call myself a vegetarian during them.  I do eat quinoa and millet and kamut and drink almond milk and green tea, but I’ve also been known to down 1/2 a pizza, a 6 pack and a bottle of wine!  A night at a cocktail bar drinking with my sexy friends often inspires me to keep remembering that life is great, but so does a walk in the woods.
I believe in the power of the human body and its infinite intelligence.  I also respect the astonishing and multifarious aspects of the human mind – a mind we are still evolving, and with which we have developed an astounding array of therapies to aid our bodies and minds.  I love that we are still exploring.  I will always go the most natural route when it comes to my health – but I am not dogmatic about it.  I take Advil too!

Why do you write? Because when I do, I notice I feel free.

What’s your writing process? The more I do it, the more it happens.  A sentence, or thought, comes to me and I listen to that and roll with it.  But mostly, I just write for no reason.  The form comes later.

What’s one lesson that’s helped you in your life? Never be afraid to ask or seek help.  It’s often been the hardest thing for me to do but I’m always glad when I do.  It’s the doorway to connection.

What’s the one piece of advice that challenges you? “Just be yourself” I always want to kick the person who tells me that.  It felt too vague like the “everything happens for a reason” – feels like the laypersons self-help quote.  I get it but, it always just felt too one dimensional.  We’re layered, complicated, multi-dimensional beings.  I always wanted to answer “Which F*@king self?” but, it seems easier to grasp as I get older.

Indulgence? Music – music is often my salve, and chocolate.  Neither of these feels indulgent however, they feel necessary.

Are you looking for enlightenment?  No, I am not looking for enlightenment, I am looking to be kinder to myself and the world, but I do want to stay lit up.  I meditate and that helps.  I am not interested in emptying my life of things but of creating healthier relationships around things.  I gravitate toward honest people; the kind who tell lies and then quickly tell the truth because we all lie, it’s just a question of how brave you are going to be to tell the truth in the end.

Lastly?  Just be yourself!


You can find hard facts about my yoga training here.  read more

I completed my 500YA Yoga Teacher training at Saraswati’s Yoga Joint with Donna Jackson, Mitchel Bleier and Tracy Bleier.  I continue to study with all the great teachers at Joint as well

200hr in 2007
The basics; sequencing, alignment, the art of centering, adjustments, philosophy, the art of direct instruction and, of course, my own personal growth
300hr in 2011
Therapeutics for back pain, shoulder pain, joint pain and muscular and skeletal re-adjustment.  Meditation, mantra’s, more philosophy, pranayama, the art of being oneself (completely) while teaching a class – with a little bit more information than the last training!

You can learn more about my writing workships here.  read more

The two and half hour yoga and writing workshops explore the connection between our body and our mind, literally.  There are untold stories just waiting to be released from your hips…I swear! 🙂  This workshop is designed to appeal to the novice, or the experienced writer.  I am not a writing teacher but I have explored the way my own yoga practice has helped unfold my personal narrative and I’ve seen the connection between my practice and my production i.e. I always feel more connected to my creative self when I’m regularly practicing yoga, and so I naturally write and produce more.  The exercises are designed to show you how simple it can be to get some words down and how to find story.

Using tools and techniques I’ve garnered from various teachers including Julia Cameron & Anne Lamott and those I have gleaned from various writing courses and writing groups, as well as my own, this two and half hour workshop is fun, experiential and surprising.  Join my mailing list to find out when the next one will be .