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Practitioner Profile: Lorraine Gengo; Ayurveda

A few years ago, sitting at my local bar/restaurant/cafe, I spied a new brochure/flyer in the community announcement holder.  At exactly the same time my friend, the bar owner, picked up the brochure and said “you should check this out.  The woman is really cool and her office is right here”.  Only 5 minutes after that, that ‘cool woman’ walked in and a week later I was having my first Ayurvedic massage.  Another reminder that we’re always where we’re supposed to be (esp. when sitting in a bar!) I had been introduced to Ayurveda 10 years prior when a work colleague had talked about a dinner party she had recently… Continue Reading

A bundle of Miracles

I have a confession to make.  I abhor the yoga ‘world’.  The ‘it’s all one’ t-shirt wearing, ‘my perfect down-dog makes me a perfect yogi and I wear mala beads, drink green juice and don’t wear fur’ yoga world.  The world of yoga that, through its magazine subscriptions, yoga teacher ‘stars’, commercial ‘zen’ drinks, and display of tattooed, sculpted biceps (In other words; Uniform) make it no different from any other industry vying for commercial recognition. I’m not better than that.  In fact, sometimes I feel like a failed outsider in an industry where I am supposed to feel more connected.  Regardless of how often a yoga teacher tells me,… Continue Reading

The progress of our nature

So, there’s a storm brewing.  Actually, as I write this,  a storm is on its way, her name is Hurricane Irene and she dressed in all her finest  a few hundred miles off coast, hit the Bahamas, North Carolina and is now careening her way north to New York City and coastal New England. I am not one to listen to the broadcast news on a regular basis, big news stories inevitably find their way to me when I am sitting at a bar, or a coffee shop or from my clients, so I didn’t hear about the hurricane approaching until yesterday. NYC has shut down all its mass transit,… Continue Reading

Blessings for breakfast. Or a checklist for Happy

“Happiness is the consequence of personal effort.  You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and even travel for it.  You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessing” – Elizabeth Gilbert. Boo Yah!  Take that self-doubt and circumstance. I read this quote a few days ago and it stopped me in my tracks, so much so that I have made it my daily affirmation (I replace ‘you’ for ‘I’ and I add a big ‘MY’ before happiness).  Not because it was profound, or anything different than what I have read a hundred times before but because of its firmness.  I felt like it slam… Continue Reading

No woman, no cry

No woman, no cry?  No, please do, you should (we all should) once in a while……Occasionally, it’s actually necessary. The other day I worked with a woman who was grieving for the most recent loss of her dog.  I have mentioned that I am not entirely a dog lover, but I understand the relationship people have with their animals – it is one of unconditional, familial love.  So, no doubt, she was really sad. In fact, she preempted the booking with this information and a warning that she should be in a room where she won’t disturb other clients in the case that she does in fact, howl.  Heavy. But,… Continue Reading

My recent Reiki treatment

Where is your left hand right now?  You’re right foot?  Are you aware of the surface that you are leaning against?  Have you been touching something long enough that you are not even sure of the sensation of weight? Funny isn’t it, how we can spend so long in a position and completely lose sense of a sensation (or the sensation shifts).  It’s the same with our energy (and I don’t mean the hyped up kind of energy you get in Gatorade bottle) – you know the one I am talking about, the kind you can’t define – and not always aware of. The kind that is channeled in Reiki.… Continue Reading

Savasana: Best Advice…..

My teacher, Donna Jackson, reminded us in class tonight, as we all drifted down to lay on our mats for Savasana, of what it’s all about.  Savasana, I mean. “The best thing you can do for yourself in savasana, is get out of your own way…just leave yourself be”. But really, it’s kinda sound advice for life don’t you think? Continue Reading

Find your Yoga Teacher Part II

I wrote about this briefly before, but this article says it better. “You just know.  There is no definitive explanation, no one answer.  You just know…………That’s about as concrete as longtime yogis and their adherents get when musing on the nettlesome question of what makes a successful instructor….. But come to think of it, can there be any other answer” Great article. Continue Reading

Chloro-phyll my body with the good guys

I am currently visiting my family in Australia.  I am happy.  Happiness always makes me feel healthy.  My friend has this cute little maxim about laughter – the hard core, funny faced, uncontrollable kind – she always says “I am laughing so hard, I can literally feel the good guys beating the bad guys in me”….obviously from the adage ‘laughter is the best kind of medicine’.  I concur. Outside of a good orgasm and a damn good cry (the same funny faces used in the belly laugh and the orgasm most likely – interesting.) – laughter always heals. It’s a hot day today in Melbourne, hot and windy, it’s the… Continue Reading

Love this body oil

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of treating Valerie Bennis to a massage.  She is the founder of the body care line Essence of Vali, a completely natural product line that I have fallen in love with. As a massage therapist I look for products that are completely natural, use only 100% essential oils, are ethically made and enrich the quality of the skin. I also believe that  a product line should reflect the soul of the person developing them, there is no doubt Vali is true to the foundation of her product. They have amazing customer service, are completely made in New York, the price is on point and the product… Continue Reading