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Poem: I happened to be standing ~ Mary Oliver

On Monday night I traveled, in the pouring rain, toward New York City with a dear friend and student.  He was driving, I was talking – he chimed in with his brilliance which was simple, to the point and poignant.  But, that’s what brilliance is, isn’t it?  A way of collating all your thoughts and knowledge and then delivering them in the neatest, easiest to understand package.  I’m still learning that skill. He’s a retired neurosurgeon. We were on our way to hear Mary Oliver read from her latest collection of poem: A Thousand Mornings.  Yes, that quote that you see on the front page of my website “What is… Continue Reading

A poem: “Fire” ~ Judy Brown

I think navigating personal relationships is one of the great journey’s of our life.  Perhaps it is one of the reasons we are here.  How we relate to each other carries a lot of weight in how we relate to ourselves.  When we can offer something of value to someone else, we often feel that value within.  When we offer something of beauty, we feel beautiful.  When we offer something intelligent, or helpful, or life-changing well…you know….that’s often how we’ll feel about ourselves. Relationships; all kinds, require a good deal of service.  Because, we all know by now that, when we are giving something to someone else, when we are… Continue Reading

Poem: We have come to be danced & a soundtrack for your heart.

I’ve become slightly addicted to consuming.  It’s not stuff I want, (in fact I am trying to scale down and get rid of a lot of stuff) but it’s information I’ve become addicted to consuming.  Maybe calling it ‘information’ is a bit stale – art, culture, good writing, good thought…that kind of stuff.  Intellectual property, shall we say.  I’m a glutton for it.  Which is why I have a love for the internet and why I don’t have a television. But, I am completely going off track here. Two things I want to share – a poem and music.  Simply because students in my class have been asking for these.… Continue Reading

Poem ~ Hands by Sarah Kay

I’m a big fan of  I think that is one of the most valuable websites on the internet today and, thank god, because there really is so much you have to wade through to be really captivated. I saw Sarah Kay perform her poetry a while back and then my teacher, Donna, started reading her a lot in class.  Now she is coming to our yoga studio to perform her slam poetry and conduct a few workshops.  She works a lot with teenagers, helping them find their voice, with Project V.O.I.C.E I love this poem.  On labor day, I think it’s fitting to share. Hands by Sarah Kay. People… Continue Reading

Poem: My Religion ~ Judy Clement Wall

I read this poem in class the other day.  I am still getting students asking for it, so I wanted to share. Some experiences in life exponentially gift us long after the point the of contact and while I was in Australia, having my own personal life experience, I was looking for ways to consume myself in something good rather than the engaging the petulance of my worried mind. I found Judy Clement Wall.  She writes on her blog A Human Thing about Love, and I was drawn to it initially because of her Fearless Love project; a year of loving fearlessly.  Naturally, since I had engaged in my mere 14 days of… Continue Reading

Separating the art from the artist. Can we?

Last year I completed my 500hr Teacher training with my beloved teachers; Mitchel Bleier of (p.s. there is a free downloadable class on his website….go to it, it’s great) and Donna Jackson and Tracy Bleier of Saraswati’s Yoga Joint.  It was 4 months of therapeutic training woven in with deep, intelligent, insightful and stirring conversation, meditation, pranayama and spontaneity.  I, of course, started the training around the same time that I had decided that yoga kind of bored me – it was indeed my way of staying only lightly committed.  So I dove in because, at 36 I am pretty aware of my ego tricks at this point and I know… Continue Reading


This morning a moth caught itself in my bathroom, it flapped its wings ferociously in search of sunlight. I reached out and cupped it, gently in my hands. My fingers, slightly apart to let the light in. As I walked, from my bathroom to my opened living room window, which is no doubt where it came from, I whispered gently. “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you…….” and when I got to the window I held out my opened, outstretched hand and said, “Now fly you beautiful thing” And, it did.   Continue Reading

Poem: Shoulders ~ Naomi Shihab Nye

I came across this woman, Kari’s, lovely photo blog today.  I was immediately engaged in the simple images and taken by the things she sees; the hand gestures, the facial expression, the contrasts of color in our urban landscape.  I get excited when images and words cross boundaries, to meet.  I saw this photo and immediately thought of this poem. SHOULDERS ~ Naomi Shihab Nye A man crosses the street in the rain, stepping gently, looking two times north and south, because his son is asleep on his shoulder. No car must splash him. No car drive too near to his shadow. This man carries the world’s most sensitive cargo… Continue Reading

14 Days of Love: Day 11 ~ Poetry

This is the last poetry post for this project (not the last entirely) I couldn’t decide which to choose.  How do you choose a poem that best describes love?  Which, of the many, could possibly be the one?  😉  So, there is more than one. SHE RESPONDED ~ Hafiz The birds’ favorite songs You do not hear, For their most flamboyant music takes place When their wings are stretched Above the trees And they are smoking the opium Of pure freedom. It is healthy for the prisoner To have faith That one day he will again move about Wherever he wants, Feel the wondrous grit of life – Less structured,… Continue Reading