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Silent:  5ml 100% Natural Handcrafted perfume

Silent: 5ml 100% Natural Handcrafted perfume




*Simple, spicy and a little playful. Ginger, Lavender and sweet orange make a fine romance – they can hold their own but the come together and blend into a curious smelling conversation that will have everyone wanting to know your name.*

“What are you looking at?”  He asked the woman staring intently at the sky, as he sat down next to her on the park bench.

“The clouds.”  She said, studying the nimbus clouds roll into one another.  She didn’t even bother to look at him.


“I am looking for shapes.  There are so many things you can see.  Look.  I can see a horse.”  The delight in her voice hinted at her childhood, as she pointed to a bulbous cloud formation.

He looked skyward for a moment and then back at her, watching her study the clouds.  The afternoon sun fell upon her like a layer of fine silk and her hair shone in a sheer veil of light.  The sticky scent of orange popsicles sped by on little bicycles, while the afternoon breeze occasionally picked up the smell of a rustled lavender shrub.

People walked by, dogs chased sticks and tennis balls, couples held hands or take-out coffee cups, teenagers talked over each other and laughed dramatically about trivial things and an old lady fed the birds by the oak tree and picked up the trash around them.

But, he was suddenly only interested by the woman bathed in sunlight, making shapes out of the clouds whose name he hadn’t yet asked for who was so willing to engage in conversation.  She was beautiful, he thought, and he realized that that was the only thing he cared to know in that moment.

“It looks like a nose,” he rebutted.

“What?” She said, turning to look at him, puzzled.

“The horse.  I think it looks like a nose.”  He smiled right at her and she looked back up to the sky and her mouth seemed to widen in slow motion as her entire face lit up.  “A nose shaped horse” she said, playfully.

He traced her features with his gaze while she stared up at the churning sky and, in the that moment,  he wanted to recite poetry to her.  He wanted to lean in further and whisper his own poetry and say things like the silent way the sun holds the light to let you shine…..

But that was the only line that came to him, just that line over and over again.  He wanted a whole poem to recite to her, but there was just her face and the sunlight and the horse shaped clouds that looked like a nose and this woman he had just met whose name he didn’t know, and there were no other lines in his poem.  Then he felt that that was just poetry enough.  His own, quiet poem.

So he remained silent and turned back to look at the sky watching the clouds charging onward, turning themselves into shapes and memories and nostalgia.


*Simple, spicy and a little playful. Ginger, Lavender and sweet orange make a fine romance – they can hold their own but they come together and blend into a curious smelling conversation that will have everyone wanting to know your name.*


Inspired by impermanence, and the subtle ways relationships change. The way we change. The oils are natural, they are literally alive and pulsing with the quinta essentia of the flowers, leaves, resins, trees and the heart of nature’s bounty.

Like any relationship the blending of these oils comes from nothing more than curiosity and divine play. When they come together, they can offer an expression of true romance; fiery and passionate and playful and then settle down to something more nuanced and subtle.

Often the best fragrances are a slow burn. They seem mismatched, complicated and curious when you first smell them in the bottle. But when placed on the skin, they slowly lean in and come together to create a relationship that has such dimension and deeply connected roots that they thread a wider and more expressive web of personality.

The fragrance then, becomes you.


XO: 5ml 100% Natural Handcrafted Perfume

XO: 5ml 100% Natural Handcrafted Perfume

CHAPTER 2 BUY NOW Sitting on the park bench, her body warm from the afternoon sun, she assumed he would arrive soon, as he had done for the past few weeks.  He always showed up after her and she came to expect his arrival, his broad smile, and the long and curious conversations that curled around stories of their life, frustrations of their week or random discussion about whether chocolate from Mexico or Tunisia was superior.  And sometimes their conversations just drifted off into silence.  A binding silence. Today, she had arrived earlier than usual so she could sit and write, and linger in words and the movement of life… Continue Reading

Secret: 5ml 100% Natural handcrafted perfume

Secret: 5ml 100% Natural handcrafted perfume

CHAPTER 3 BUY NOW Today he wanted to tell her more.  More than the intricacies of his day, or past stories of heartbreak and nostalgia, or what shapes he could make from the clouds.  She had started asking more questions about his life; what kinds of music he listened to and foods he ate, whether he had animals or wanted animals and if he liked long walks in the woods or if he would spontaneously take a trip to Morocco if given the chance.  Their conversation had started to acquire more time and snapshots of life; past and future. After so many weeks meeting at the same spot he now… Continue Reading

Love Story: 5ml 100% Natural handcrafted perfume

Love Story: 5ml 100% Natural handcrafted perfume

CHAPTER 4 BUY NOW She is sitting at her writing desk, thinking of the couple in the park. She had been watching the couple for weeks. Watching them play around with words and stories and their curiosity of each other. These two are her characters. They are the subjects she studies as she stands by the oak tree feeding the birds and pretends to watch people walk by. She has always been interested in the collisions and the connections and the binding of strangers. So she watches the movement of the world, and waits. She saw the girl sitting on the park bench, by herself one afternoon. The sun was… Continue Reading