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Birthday week playlist

I am really excited about what I’ve been listening to lately, so I wanted to share (be patient with the download….it takes a while (really only a minute…funny how that seems so long these days – Great music though, so hang out) Cold Specks – Lay me Down MS MR – Hurricane Mast – UpUpUp Thieving Irons – So Long (entire album is amazing) Alabama Shakes – you ain’t alone Valerie June – I will not be blue Continue Reading

Life is Short

So, let’s get this straight.  I know this is a blog about ‘loving yourself’ and all that good jazz.  Let’s get clear here.  Loving yourself isn’t that hokey ‘I’m just fantastically perfect and never fail and I eat affirmations for breakfast’ kind of loving yourself.  It’s purely about acceptance, being complete with who you really are.  I am fiercely attracted to people who simply understand who they are and what their role in life is – regardless of their obvious short-comings…….as evidenced below. [youtube] Wow, right?  I sent a suggestion to a friend that he check out Ricky Gervais’ new show “Life is short” and the next thing you… Continue Reading

Sh#t people say to yoga teachers

“Do you do that hot yoga?” “I run.  I know I should do yoga” “I’m so stressed.  Would yoga be good for me?” “Wow, you must be flexible?” “I’m not flexible” “I tried that yoga once” “I do pilates” “my doctor said I should do yoga” “It’s too hot for me” “It’s too slow for me” “you must be so relaxed” “do you do that hot yoga?” “I do bikram” “Namaste” “can you do the splits?” “I’m afraid I’ll fall over” “I have a shoulder injury” “My hips are tight” “I had this intense message in savasana” “my hips feel so tight when I do the splits” “what was that… Continue Reading

The wise Rilke

I have been cleaning my apartment and, as usually happens I go to put a book back on my shelf only to be seduced by another and the next thing you know I’m on my blog, compelled to share.  Procrastinating basically – but hopefully with a little more effect than simply reading. From “Letters to a young poet” (Letter #4) If you will cling to Nature, to the simple in Nature, to the little things that hardly anyone sees, and that can so unexpectedly become big and beyond measuring; if you have this love of inconsiderable things and seek quite simply, as one who serves, to win the confidence of… Continue Reading

New world meets old.

I received a text from a friend the other day ‘What is your address?’.  No one sends mail anymore except if it’s important, like an engagement/wedding invitation, I thought.  So, that’s what I assumed it was. Two days later, I opened my mail box to a large yellow envelope with a hand-written address.  An invitation it wasn’t.  Instead it was a photocopied short story from collection he is currently reading (in the flesh) with red scribe across the top that said “For those less hip to the tricks.  Miss you! R” “This is the way it should work” I thought.  A text for quick, efficient information, personalized mail, a real book… Continue Reading

A bundle of Miracles

I have a confession to make.  I abhor the yoga ‘world’.  The ‘it’s all one’ t-shirt wearing, ‘my perfect down-dog makes me a perfect yogi and I wear mala beads, drink green juice and don’t wear fur’ yoga world.  The world of yoga that, through its magazine subscriptions, yoga teacher ‘stars’, commercial ‘zen’ drinks, and display of tattooed, sculpted biceps (In other words; Uniform) make it no different from any other industry vying for commercial recognition. I’m not better than that.  In fact, sometimes I feel like a failed outsider in an industry where I am supposed to feel more connected.  Regardless of how often a yoga teacher tells me,… Continue Reading

Let the drummer kick!

You know that saying ‘Sometimes things aren’t always as they seem’?   Yeah – well, I got caught face to face with that little maxim the other night during a Citizen Cope show. So, there I am in a small (maybe 200 person) dive bar in Amagansett, watching an acoustic set from Citizen Cope, with two of my girlfriends. Now, I like CC, but I wouldn’t say I am ‘fan’ per se  – I like his music but I don’t know all of his songs, or all the words to the ones I do know.  I’m a soft fan, if you must. Standing behind me were two wide necked, beefed… Continue Reading

What happens in a yogi’s mind, stays in a yogi’s mind

Today, I boarded a tightly packed train bound for New York City.  It’s a regular commuter train, I take it often and it was during a busy time so I wasn’t surprised about the squeeze I had to induce to get a seat. When it comes to transport, I am a sitter. There is nothing I despise more than having to stand for long periods of time – I’ll ignore your grandmother if I have to (I won’t for long, but I will for about 3 seconds until my conscience steps in) – so generally I am like a hawk looking for empty seat prey when I step on board.… Continue Reading

Clouds = Heaven

    I looked up at the sky today, as I do most days, sometimes for reflection, sometimes just to pass time and sometimes for answers.  Regardless of the reason, and despite it, I am never disappointed. Today I looked up and the clouds were thick.  Thick and dense, with an illuminated edge.  As a child, reared in the catholic church, I imagined heaven was in the clouds and that, when I died, I would be gently lifted up and an neatly tucked away in a fluffy corner on heaven street. I don’t believe in heaven any longer, at least not in the catholic sense – or that it only… Continue Reading

I’d like to introduce myself

I think the act of introducing oneself is a brave one.  It means all attention is on you.  I always hated those moments in school or starting a new course where I was asked to say my name, where I am from and why I am here.  My fear being that I had to say something incredibly witty and brilliant, or deep and meaningful (it all depended on the course that I was taking.)  Nothing witty or brilliant or deep and meaningful ever showed so I usually got pretty simple and resorted to just telling the truth.  “My name is Lyn, I am from Australia (or Melbourne, if I was… Continue Reading