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Over the summer I wrote a post about a little full moon party I pulled together. It was held in honor of the blue moon that occurred at the end of August – two full moons in the same month – but, as you know, try as I might I just don’t ‘feel’ the moon like others do.  At least, nothing really auspicious or any weirder than regular days happens to me.

At this party there happened to be a lot of conversation around children and parenting, of which I mostly listened to.

The next day my sister sent a screen shot of an email my nephew had sent to her.  She was sharing it because A. it was adorable B. she was wondering whether she should correct his spelling.  My heart exploded when I read the email, regardless of the spelling mistakes – it was essentially his first ever love letter.  We both agreed that she should lay off the spelling corrections and just bask in the love.  Responding with corrections, we agreed, might ruin his desire to write love notes to his future girlfriends.  And, all girlfriends should have a love letter (spelling mistakes and all).

The email exchange came about because my sister had called him Ky (short for Kyan) and he had gotten annoyed at her.  She apologized but, since she knew he loved getting emails, she wrote him one with another apology and this was the screen shot she sent me; his response.



See what I mean?  The meaning trumps the spelling.  Since this came through I’ve had it saved as my screensaver and, some days in my reflective moments, a little voice pops into my head saying “I love you past the moon, and then the moon….” – heart!.

Skip to a month ago.  I was thinking of some t-shirt designs.  I had sent my graphic artist a few ‘messages’ to put into design but she sat on them, coming up with nothing.  And, only a few weeks later I had even forgotten I had sent them to her – they were very Pollyanna-esque!  So, there I was, searching for a t-shirt design to show up,  humming along my little mantra “I love you past the moon then the moon” and suddenly, it hit me.

This was going on a t-shirt.

I called my sister with the idea, which she liked but first had to get Kyans permission to use it.  He agreed.  Two days later I sat with Loren and discussed the idea and, in less than a week, she had 6 designs ready to go (I love that I work with a designer who is also a yogi.  She totally goes with her feeling on jobs – and she certainly wasn’t feeling the earlier messages).  I chose two designs from the original stock and then, last minute, I wanted the punk rock one (my favorite) and she…um….rocked it!

Three designs in total, all the same message .

We finalized the designs, I ordered the t-shirts, dropped them at my local printer and within a week, they were ready.  I accosted my roommate, barely out of bed on Thursday morning, to be the model for a quick photo shoot.   At 10:20am we threw clothes in a bag, she smeared on some make-up, ran down to the end of our street, did a photo shoot, laughed hysterically and by 10:45am I was off to meet my yoga student for a private – having just launched a t-shirt company!

All photos were taken on Instagram on my Iphone and uploaded immediately to the interwebs and by the end of the day – we had 10 orders!

Heather doing a quick make-up job

I have fallen in love with these little t’s –But actually, what I am most in love with is how it all came together.  Everything about this project and this t-shirt is peppered with love.  From my nephew to my sister to my friends Loren (design) and Heather (model) and even my local printer whose assistant had, sadly, experienced a death in the family the day before.  She walked into the office right at the moment my designs came blasting on the screen, saw the I LOVE YOU past the moon and lost it.  She took that as auspicious and we hugged on my way out.

So yes, I love these t-shirts, I LOVE them past the moon, and I hope you do too.

A portion of the sale of these goes to my nephew for his education (artistic royalties)

Maybe that blue moon had some power after all!!!

You can purchase them here (or email me direct if you’re a friend of mine – you can probably come around and pick one up!)

Details: Order through Etsy Here

All designs and colors available to order (more designs and colors to come)
Sizes: M or L (M fits sizes 2-6) (L fits sizes 8-12)
Price: $32 (including tax) – Shipping not included.

For Xmas orders:
Only Ivory color in medium available (all designs).

If you’re stuck for gift ideas (still!) we’re giving you a ton of great ideas over at our Facebook page.


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