Newsletter #4: Presence means intimacy with What is.

“Presence means intimacy with What is”

It’s officially Christmas throughout the world, so talk of presents is ripe.  I spent Christmas Eve in the company of good friends and their family.  It was truly delightful in a way that, only a few years ago, would have been met with apprehension and disdain by me.  Tonight, however, I was at a table full of cracked and flying lobster shells, warm butter sauce, good wine and squeals of anticipation for Santa’s arrival (is 36 too old to squeal?)

I haven’t ever been a Christmas kind of person.  At least not when I became old enough to know better.  And, certainly not when I had to choose homes to spend it in, buy the gifts I wasn’t sure people wanted and generally understood that making magic takes a lot of planning and sharing the road with other frantic people cursing their obligation to make magic happen and have it all seem effortless.  While flipping me off.

But, this year was different.  Perhaps I just got to realizing that it’s magic that we want, ultimately.  And magic, as we know, is mostly illusion but in order for us to create it – we have to feel it.

Essentially, what creates magic is our attitude…..

I’ve had the title to this newsletter tucked away for a few weeks now.  I had it in a draft, just sort of lingering, knowing I wanted to use it somehow.  It was Marga Laube who said it in her newsletter a few weeks ago.  She is a Vedic astrologist whom I recently had a session with and was blown away by her clear articulation of my life – there were a lot of “Oh- that’s why” coming from me.

That line was in this:

We have been programmed to think that flourishing means certain specific things, like having a certain amount of money squirreled away, or racking up certain life experiences, or proudly collecting certain accomplishments. But the feeling of “flourish” is unmistakable, and is of course completely unrelated to these outer acquisitions. How do you feel in your body, in your day, when you are really flourishing? What brings that feeling on?

For me, flourishing is an inner sensation that arises primarily from the amount of Presence I am able to cultivate in my own daily, lived experiences. Presence means intimacy with What Is. Not pushing things away. Not grasping at certain, supposedly desirable things. Being at peace and in contentment with what is here, right now.

The holiday season can sometimes leave us depleted and yet what we’re, ironically, working so hard to create is the very opposite; the very illusion that we are flourishing.  It’s like we go beyond magic and, instead, try to create magic tricks.

So, perhaps, it’s simply the time to sit back and become present to what is happening right now and to become intimate with the chaos and what that is.

And what is that chaos?  A reminder that you are alive.

It doesn’t take a lot to be grateful

Watching flowers bloom reminds me that life happens slowly and quickly all at the same time.

Truth bombs, it’s what’s on my plate this season.

Just in case you forgot someone on the gift list this Christmas day.

Big Boi AND Little Dragon?  Dreamy.

For Newtown with Love.

Mark Morford is my dream date.

I want so much from this music store.

You’ll find me getting intimate with what is, here, next year.

As the fall season came to an end this year, I rounded the corner on my walk and fell upon this sight.

I look at this image often because it reminds me that we must never give up on the wonder of our world.  That things happen quickly and slowly at the same time and that turning to what is good in our lives turns our lives into something good.

Happy Holidays.  Hug the ones you’re with today.

with Love

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