Note to self: Don’t run too fast

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Me with my grandfather on my recent trip to Australia.

                               My grandfather and I on my recent trip home to Australia

One of my most favorite stories my grandfather tells is of the day he had organized to catch a train from one Victorian country town to another.

His father, my great-grandfather, worked on the railways at the time and held quite a respected position.  One day my grandfather needed to get to a town that, unfortunately, didn’t have a train stopping at its station that particular day.  Living out in the country in Australia, during the 40’s & 50’s, there weren’t very many options for long distance transportation besides train travel.

So, my great-grandfather pulled some strings.  He got my grandfather onto a train which would by-pass the station he needed to disembark from and organized with the driver to have the train slow down when it approached the station.  Since, it technically wasn’t allowed to stop, this was the next best option.  My grandfather was to jump out of this slow moving train, onto the platform whereupon the train would proceed on its journey.

There was one very important instruction that my grandfather was to follow:  Keep Running.  After he jumped onto the platform he had to keep running in the same direction as the train so he didn’t lose momentum and, until he had his good footing.

Easy.  He boarded his train feeling pretty chuffed about it all.  The train started to slow and he positioned himself, ready to jump.  At the moment it got to the right speed against the platform, he jumped.  And then he ran……and ran….and, with adrenalin pumping he kept on running even faster than the train itself, passing all the carriages ahead of his.

Imagine the sheer joy he must have felt knowing he’d made it!

There was only one thing they hadn’t thought to do; tell the conductor.  So, when the conductor saw my grandfather approaching his carriage, sweat pouring down his adrenalin fueled, excited face, running his guts out, he leaned out the carriage, hooked my grandfathers arm and scooped him back on to the train and said;

“Let me help you on there son, can’t have you missing this train”

And off they sped to the next station…

And, you know, life is just a little bit like that.  Don’t you think?

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I am a wedding celebrant, ordained by the Universal Life Church ministries.

This weekend, I officiated another wedding (my 2nd).  It was the nuptials of my dear, dear friends Matt & Heather.  It was a surprise ‘pop-up’ wedding where none of the guests had any idea they were actually coming to a wedding, not just a BBQ.

It was hilariously fun watching all the reactions and then, when everyone had arrived, we all walked to the end of the street, to the beach, where I married them in front of their closest friends and family.

I now offer this as a service so, if you, or anyone you know is looking for a celebrant to perform their wedding please share, or contact.  I write the ceremony myself and have a huge library of poetry and readings that the couple can choose from.  Below is a little promo video (click on the photo) of this recent wedding.  I’ll have more on an official page on the website soon.  But, this was such a joy to be a part of and another reminder how simple and joyful weddings can be.


Lastly, I was sitting at the cafe the other day, talking to a student who told me about the advice her acupuncturist, an old, seasoned master, gave her.

He said this:  “Please follow this advice very carefully.  I want you to go home and not give a shit!  And, just keep not giving a shit.  And, when you have to make decisions I want you to flip a coin because making any decisions is a little bit like that”

So.  I leave you with that.  Maybe you just enjoy your train ride and don’t give a shit this weekend!

Happy Memorial Day America.



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