Valentines Day Writing Contest. What is Love?


What does it mean? How has it challenged you? Do you still believe in it?  

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There is a little under a month until Valentines – the day on the calender notorious for lovers and offering symbols of affection which mostly includes last minute purchases of red roses bought from the side of the road, and dinner in an over booked restaurant. What fun! But, is this what Love is all about for you? Is this what you find romantic?

For the past 2 years I’ve published something about LOVE on February 14. The first year I spent every day for 14 days, leading up to the Feb 14th, writing about love all the many ways us humans express it. Last year, since I was traveling in India I wrote just one piece (one of my favorites) about the things we don’t notice in love.

This year, I’m back in India again, running my yoga retreat, which is a labor of love in itself and an expression of all the things in life I love; movement, creativity, connection, expression and adventure.

This year, I want to hear your voice.  Since I run a website dedicated to expression and art and writing and love inspired products I want to hear what you have to say about love, or hear your most compelling love story.

And, there’s a giveaway too!

*All four ‘Romantics’ perfume; Love Story, XO, Silent, Secret
*5 pack of Love past the moon cards
*Sample pack of perfume (to give to friends)
*Dream of Me 100% Natural soy wax candle (not yet up on the store)

In 500-750 words write your essay, or story.  In it, I’d love to hear what you have learnt about love so far.  How has it challenged you? what have you learnt about yourself through the journey of love, and do you still believe in it, in the way you used to?  Or, did you ever?  How has it hurt you?  How has it healed you?  These questions are meant to be thought provoking. They are not a pre-requisite for the piece, but a way to guide you in what to think about when forming your piece.

This can be in essay form and it can be non-fiction piece or you can get creative and turn into something fictional – and create characters. Up to you!

email your entries at

I’ll publish the winner on Feb 14th! I’ll also publish additional pieces I find really compelling.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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