Personal Essay:

~The Sound of Loss Published on Jennifer Pastiloff’s The Manifest-Station
“They let us sit with Mathew to say goodbye; a privilege I couldn’t comprehend so I sat there and stared at him. I stared and tried to hold every part of his being in my memory. I held his little hand and told him things. I don’t remember what I said. But I knew that I couldn’t love him anymore than I did that morning and I know that love and loss filled my 10 year old body to the brim and it felt so big, it ached.”

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~Hampi, India – Off the beaten track
A five part series on Hampi, India.
Arriving in Hampi feels like stepping back in time to the ancient Roman empire, except you’re in the ancient Indian empire.  Centuries old ruins and temples dot this landscape of giant granite boulders and rice fields.”  read more at www.johnnyjet.com

~Tiruvannamalai, India – Off the beaten track
“When I put out on my Facebook page that I was on a train bound for Tiruvannamalai, one of the funniest comments I got was “better save some vowels for the trip back.””  Read more at www.johnnyjet.com

My own Marigold hotel; Goa, India
There is a scene in the film The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel where the guests arrive and the look of horror on their faces at the broken & dusty concrete structure they’ve paid to stay at sets the scene for the entire movie.  You know from the beginning that they will get through the muck and dust and, once they do, the Marigold Hotel will stand to be the place where magic happens, and their lives are transformed….It wasn’t quite like that when I reached my destination; the villa/apartment I had rented in Arambol, Goa, but it wasn’t too far from it either. Read more at www.famtripper.com

Guest Blog

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