Yoga with Writing Workshop


Of the two things in life that offer me a chance for self expression – in the most purest, non-egoistic sense – Yoga and Writing are it.  In those contexts I don’t feel like I lack, which isn’t to say that I have it ‘all together’ or that I don’t need to improve.  But it’s the space where I don’t shy away from learning, or where the ‘not knowing’ or ‘not being good enough’ is fuel for more learning, not retreating.

The two have fed each other.  If I’m becoming a better Yoga teacher, it’s because I’m finding my voice on a page and, if I’m becoming a better writer it’s because I am learning to connect more with all my realities – the private and the public.

I have been actively producing work, publicly on this blog and other forums, for 2 years now. Over that time I’ve had events happen that would  normally encourage a retreat from the world, where the sorrow would normally call me to feed it.  Instead, I wrote more and I shifted the use of that energy.  Now, there isn’t a day where I don’t get words out of me somehow, or somewhere.

When I’m looking for story, or a combining of ideas with words, I get into my body first.  I move, even if it’s the most basic practice – I get on my mat and breath movement.  I believe our yoga practice can act like the Shaman’s rattle; it clears energy and can blow off the dusty thoughts and deliver something fresh and clean; something more authentic.

When I am feeling muddy with ideas – where they’re all nutrient dense but unable to spread in a cohesive way; I use techniques that I’ve learnt from great teachers to help me make tangible, the ideas, thoughts and feelings I need to express.

You don’t have to want to be a writer, to write.  I simply believe that the page is the safest place for honest conversation.  It’s a conversation you don’t have to hold back on, it’s where you can get so honest with yourself and see it right in front of you and then destroy it if you need.  It’s a place to answer the questions!  The mat, and the page, are great conduit’s for your truth.

So, I am excited to teach this workshop at Dew Yoga in Stamford on December, 9th.  You don’t have to be a writer, or even want to be a writer. You don’t have to be an active yoga practitioner – the practice will be simple but will tap the areas where we hold the most (hips, chest & shoulders).  Active, public participation is optional. This workshop is designed to find the truth in the story, to unveil something you haven’t seen yet.

Please click on the image below for a link to sign up.  I promise you a good time!

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