When I stepped into my first yoga experience I was barely into my 20’s and on a date.  I thought we were going to eat, he took me to chant.  Always a seeker and adventurer I sat crossed legged with my arms above my head, reciting a Kundalini chant, wondering if he would be the one.  He wasn’t.  But, I was curious about this yoga.

After that, I found a small raised open aired studio nestled in the woods somewhere in Connecticut, offering Kundalini yoga.  I wanted it badly at that time, I wanted something to anchor me to a knowing bigger than myself, but I was so frenetic and impatient then that my seeking sought solace in more searching – I was restless, so I moved on.

I returned though, once again to Kundalini and then on to Bikram.  Still, while I knew there was something bigger I could be experiencing, I felt inauthentic.  Yoga felt too rigid and structured and I didn’t.  Really, it felt just like Church but with a priest in tights and a ponytail, and no one smiled.  

It wasn’t until I stepped into Saraswati’s Yoga Joint in Norwalk, CT where I felt an inspired friction; that moment where you know you’re supposed to be where you are, but you don’t know why, or how.  It was a Yoga that I could understand; creative, inspired, intelligent, thoughtful, and dimensional….and definitely less structured….it felt like my life!

At that moment Yoga scared the living daylights out of me because I felt compelled.  Every time I walked up the stairs to a class I was charged both with an energetic force walking me up the stairs and a very mortal desire to just hit the wine bar downstairs ( you guessed it, I managed both!)

Almost 7 years on and that feeling of ‘supposed to be here’ was spot on.  Teaching yoga is now my profession or really, it’s the work I do every day that doesn’t feel like work.  It’s what I love to do.  

I practice Yoga because it has taught me how to turn a day around on a dime.  Teaching yoga ripened my practice and has refined my life.  I’m most inspired by the relationships I have built and the courage I continue to foster through returning to something that offers me an unknown.  Yoga will always have a quality of mystery that compels one to return.  Practicing yoga helped light up my desire to write again and so now I converge the two.

Having studied massage and other bodywork therapies, teaching yoga was a natural transition.  I offer many ways for you to start a practice and I’d love to connect with you.[/expand]


          6:15 – 7:15pm                                         Open Level / Saraswati’s Yoga Joint (Norwalk)

          5:45 – 7:00pm                                         Vigorous Vinyasa/ Dew Yoga (Stamford)

          12:30 – 1:30pm                                        Power Lunch / Dew Yoga (Stamford)

          6:15 – 7:30PM                                        Open Level/ Saraswati’s Yoga Joint (New Canaan)

          4:30 – 5:45pm                                         Open Level / Saraswati’s Yoga Joint (Norwalk)

          10:45 – 12pm                                         Open Level /    Saraswati’s Yoga Joint (New Canaan)
          4:00 – 5:00pm                                        Open Level/ Saraswati’s Yoga Joint (New Canaan)

Work With Me

Personal Instruction: I offer one on one personal instruction, and instruction for small groups of up to 5. This is such a lovely way to really refine your practice and deepen your relationship to yoga.  I am interested in you, as an individual, thriving and being inspired by your own yoga practice.  I employ massage and therapeutic techniques throughout your session, as well as direct and clear instruction.  Any level welcome.  read more

*Please inform of any injuries prior to our session
*24 hour cancellation policy (50% of session payment due for a cancellation after 24 hours)
*Loose fitting, or workout clothing recommended
*I provide a mat, should you need one
Please reach out at 

Corporate Yoga: 
Having come from a professional background, I know the corporate and office structure well.  I offer group classes to your employees.  It’s a proven fact that those who engage in a physical activity on a regular basis maintain good health, better sleep, posture and overall well-being.  It’s important to have a healthy culture in your office since it boosts productivity and inspires good attitudes.  These are all important when a company puts value into their staff since this is what creates a company people want to work well for.  read more

I am also equipped to build and tailor a Corporate Health Program for your staff which, along with yoga classes, can include seated chair massage, nutrition classes, reiki, reflexology, personal fitness training, M.E.L.T instruction, life coaching and most other natural therapies which can assist in keeping your staff happy and stress-free.  I have a well vetted, fully insured and licensed community throughout Fairfield County and NYC who are professionals in these fields.
Past and present clients include;, Bridgewater Capital, Child Guidance Center of Mid –Fairfield county, Swisher, Inc.
Please contact me so we can discuss your needs and pricing at


*Saturday Dec 7th, SYJ Pop Art Bazaar.
-3 Wall Street, Norwalk, CT, 06850

I’ll be a vendor at this super hip and happening holiday bazaar.  I’ll be selling custom designed t-shirts, natural fragrances, hand rolled incense (beautiful in color, texture and scent) and soy candles.  Come down and support local – there will be an array of interesting and hip designers and vendors.  Free entry.

*Sunday December 8th 1-3pm Svaha – A fire Workshop
Dew Yoga – Stamford.

Svaha: An offering to the fire. An oblation. A goddess and wife of Agni (fire god). In this workshop we practice intently, deeply. We hold: time, the moment, our sacredness. We build: heat, strength, wisdom, our connectedness. We offer: truth, softness, our breath. Join us in this two hour workshop where we hold asana for an extended period of time. The poses are simple but will be deep. Poetry will be read. Silence will beckon and then we’ll soften into long stretches and deep seated forward bends. The point is to feel your edge and be amazed at your own ability to soften into it. You will learn about what you can hold in order to give up since heat is nature’s way of taking what you don’t need and cleasing one’s spirit. Your body will feel transformed. Your spirit will alight.

*Sunday December 8th, 9:30am –
Teaching at Lululemon – Greenwich, CT.

JAN 12-19TH, 2014. 

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